Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome to the Whale Connection

Please post your reports, questions, comments,
opinions and ideas.


  1. Touching both the heart and souls of viewers the Orcas video is beyond beautiful. Maybe in the future you could add videos of volunteers working on your projects. I would be very excited to see the work in action.

    I wish you had a Facebook Like button so I could share my support for the amazing work your society is doing with my friends. Perhaps you can consider adding one.

    Can't wait for the first issue..I am anticipating reading what appears to a gem of a new magazine with a unique perspective.

    Keep up the magnificent work,

  2. Just read a GREAT book and wanted to share! An engaging tale about the connection between a man and a humpback whale, who successfully endeavors to show the man how humans are negatively affecting our environment. A unique and fascinating read, by Four Arrows Ph.D. All proceeds go to save whales. I think if enough people read it could be a tipping point!